Reviews – Spy Novel Project Black Hungarian

Book Review Project Black Hungarian is a most unusual spy novel - a combination of facts and a fictional story that's based on true events and real role models for characters. Published in August 2014, recent developments in the automotive industry - the Volkswagen Diesel scandal starting in 2015 [...]

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The Spy Novel Co-Authorship – Niall’s Perspective

Part 1 - Highly Unusual The spy novel Project Black Hungarian was not only co-authored, but published simultaneously in English and in German. If that doesn’t make it unique it does, nevertheless, make it highly unusual. What follows is an attempt to explain how such a potentially fiddly project was able to [...]

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Zuerifaescht 2013 – Zurich in a state of exception

What do 2 million people, 388 electric vehicles and a parachutist have in common? They were all part of Switzerland's largest festival in the city center of Zurich on the first weekend of July in 2013. An event that had secured a place on the list of "hot [...]

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Jasnas character in the novel Vivacious, quirky and red-haired, Jasna is a regular companion to her husband Andrej on his expeditions and rallyes, such that her knowledge of the industry would give him a good run for his money. A talker who runs on caffeine, but takes in more [...]



Martin's character in the novel Martin is an IT expert and resident smartass. But don’t be filled by the quips: he takes his job seriously. His latest mission seems relatively low-key. Posing as one half of Team ‘Just Married’, his objective is to ensure that Andrej’s technology survives the [...]


Automotive’s Shady Business Is Stranger Than Fiction

The threat of change March 6, 2016 The authors of Project Black Hungarian cooked up a conspiracy against clean mobility. But could it be true? Automotive companies, carmakers and suppliers alike, talk to each other. On all levels. All the time. That’s no secret to anybody in this [...]

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