Capscovil is an innovation agency and boutique publisher

Technology – especially in favor of sustainability – plays the lead in what we do. Innovation and diversity set the stage.

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What’s with the peppers? Read on and find out on the following pages.

How we support you through our innovation agency

So that you achieve your growth targets or the desired product design. And we always keep innovation and your team’s diversity in mind. We are also happy to build bridges between startups and large corporations.

Inspiration meets innovation

Solutions for a sustainable future are in demand. With our purpose-driven project – Chillipicks – we support you and your teams in creating ideas to reach your goals.
Inspiring developments from around the world in the areas of technology, sustainability, diversity and ethics provide an instant change of perspective and plenty to talk about. To help you reach your targets.
Storytelling re-invented - Feature articles accurately researched - Case studies viewed with a kind eye

What we can cook up for you in our storytelling kitchen

Are you looking for professional support in creating inspiring content? That’s what we have in our portfolio for you to get your customers excited about your solutions:
 We also create and publish our own content in-house.
Technology paired with sustainability and diversity play the main role. Reading for experts and people outside the technology world alike. Because we also love diversity among our readers.

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