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Strategic Projects

Capscovil - About us - The name is a combination of Capsaicin and Scoville


Cascabella - Storytelling - Content Marketing

Managers need stories

Cascabella is a short story series based on our new version of storytelling.

The goal is to drive innovation by publishing and distributing stories focused on founders, startups and exciting technology, with characters based on professional role models who embrace diversity and provide inspiration.

Cascabella offers companies the chance to show their commitment towards diversity and inclusion while taking new roads to technology marketing: as a partner of an episode or as innovation patron.

Episodes are published online and distributed to a large and targeted audience. The reach is expanded by our growing eco-system network.

Read sample stories in Ruby’s C Suite.

Let our ideas set you on fire.

Contact us and find out more about the possibilities within project Cascabella.

Take advantage of our passion and knowledge and put it to work for you – in a short story tailored to your taste.

Rainbow Fire

Projekt Rainbow Fire - Storytelling - University - Education - Bachelor - Diversity

Storytelling with Students

Rainbow Fire is a project dedicated to introduce storytelling to university students. The goal is to convey results of academic research not only in factual papers but also in entertaining stories which are based on our new version of storytelling.

The pilot project with bachelor program “Export-oriented Management” at University of Applied Sciences Krems, Austria, was kicked off in October 2016 in partnership with initiative Diversity Natives.

The focus of the stories was on “Intercultural Management” and included topics on Human Resource Management and Diversity.

Examples like  “Generation Internship” and “Project Clean Drop” can be found here .

You’d like to know more about the project?

You’d like to use storytelling at your university?



Boiled down

Startup use cases and new product ideas packed into short stories.

A pitch with a difference for an idea or product from startups and founders.

Black Hungarian

Projekt Black Hungarian

For rookies, spying is a dangerous game

Concealed in Black Hungarian is a series of spy novels revolving around the manipulations of the unscrupulous secret organisation named BIRD.

What makes this project unique is that not only facts are woven into a fictional story but also real people serve as role models for characters.
True events form the base of the story.

The first book „Project Black Hungarian“ has been published worldwide in August 2014.

Bolivian Rainbow

Bolivian Rainbow

Living on the edge of a technologized world

Bolivian Rainbow stands for a science fiction book series by American technologist and author Matthew Hart.

Current developments in the area of internet of things, smart cities and biotechnology are woven into the fictional story that spans more than a millenium. And of course, there is time travel.

Book 1 The Last Iteration Of Dexter Maxwell has been published worldwide in December 2011 and is available in English as printed and electronic edition.

Book 2 Second Harvest has been published worldwide in December 2012 and is available in English as printed and electronic edition.

Book 3 is work in progress.



The StoryBonds – Taking a leaf out of science book

Children and young adults grow up surrounded by technology: smartphones and iPads, gaming apps, video chat tools and social networks on one hand; and on the other hand there are new developments in life science and bio or nano technology . Most of it is completely natural for them and taken for granted.

But it is interesting to see how young people perceive technology and how they value it; and how important it is for their future.

Project Tabasco is a STEM concept that supports youths to occupy their minds with technology and its effect on their life in a creative way.

The pilot project was realized with school students in the county of Ebersberg near Munich, Germany.

The anthology “Ebersberger Kleeblatt Geschichten” was compiled after the writing contest for the smartest story about technology. The book’s name is in derived from the cancer aftercare project that has been supported with profits from the book sale.

Licenses for the concept and publishing services for the respective future anthologies are availalbe.

Red Savina

Red Savina

The glass ceiling of the shark tank

Red Savina is among the top third of the hottest peppers in the world and therefore best suited for this special project.

There’s been some progress in the past years. However, female founders and women leading in management positions within the technology business are still hard to find.

There’s still a lot to be done to make gender diversity a reality, and the gender gap history.

There are still a lot of women, and not just in the technology business, who hit the glass ceiling.

GAME-Faint Signals, a polarizing career novel, outlines an unscrupulous business world und dares to draw the curtain of the shark tank within large corporations.

Licenses of the story are available to work out use cases for training and education purposes.

We offer special conditions for universities: for licenses and review copies.

Single licenses for students working on a related paper or project are free.