Dominik Brandt
Dominik BrandtDirector Operation of BIRD

Dominik’s character in the novel

Dominik is the classic number two.

Successful and ambitious but somehow still resentful of his position in life.

Why should he have to work so hard for his status when it is given to others on a plate? The recent completion of the project aimed officially at improving road safety and trade routes in developing countries has given Adler Reilly some excellent publicity.

His ruthlessness has given Dominik an incredible career boost. Now he’s ready to fight the most dangerous dragon blocking the way to the top.

The time is ripe for the change: a coup is in the offing, but does Dominik have the necessary support of his colleagues to see it through?

  • A traumatic event in his youth set Dominik’s course
  • That’s why he puts his intelligence to work to nurture his ambition
  • Success is his drug and it feeds his unscrupulousness
  • His goal is in sight and he’d stoop to everything to get his way
  • But does he hold all the aces to triumph over Adler in this long shot?

The truth is

There is no role model for Dominik. The character is completely down to the authors’ imagination.

However, some of Dominik’s character traits may seem familiar to what a reader can have encountered with some people in real life. Get a sneak peak into his vantage point.