Magali Zampieri
Magali ZampieriDISECUPRO agent and bodyguard

Magali’s character in the novel

It might be a man’s world but Magali has the strength, wit and determination to negotiate any obstacles, even her partner Martin’s jokes.

She joined DISECUPRO on a whim and hasn’t looked back since.

Formerly a fixture on the amateur motorcycle racing scene, Magali has added martial arts training to her burgeoning repertoire of skills.

Surely an electric vehicle expedition won’t be a problem…

  • She is living proof that charme and toughness can go hand in hand
  • Nobody can fool her on a motorcycle; or when it comes to protecting a person
  • At times she is too critical with herself
  • She relies on her instincts – just like Hendrik
  • But she could not anticipate the challenges that her ruthless opponents present…
Magali Zampieri
Magali ZampieriPowerfrau

Magali in real life

Magali is a charming French woman who stands her ground in male domains. Someone with whom you enjoy a glass of wine and a good laugh.

Magali is a passionate motorcycle driver, preferably on a Japanese “crotch rockets” to zigzag through the jam on the morning commute to work.

She also loves to climb; at home and abroad.

Magali has a lot of experience with electric cars. But sometimes she just wants to do her groceries shopping – without having to worry about the current charging state of the battery.

Why Magali jumped in with us at the deep end

Question: How do you like the concept of combining fiction and facts, like on the NSA scandal and electric vehicles, in a spy novel?

Combining reality and fiction makes the book closer to reality. People can imagine themselves in an easier manner as one of the book’s characters. All of us like to dream… But dreaming is easier when the fact are close to what we are used to know and live.

Question: How do you like being a character in a spy novel? 

I love the idea to be in a spy novel. And moreover, I am one of the main character which is quite funny to have a virtual life. Imagining that people reading the book will wonder what is true, what is fiction, makes me smile.

Question: Why did you agree to be a role model back in 2013 although you didn’t know what would be written and what role your fictional character would play?

I like surprise and I was really curious how the reality and the fiction will be mixed on my character. I wanted to see if I would be able to recognize myself in the book, if I will be a character composed with other rally’s participants. So mainly curiosity to see what will be the result.