Auf Der Web Summit Bühne 2017 (EN)


November 2017 

From November 6-9, 59,115 people from 170 countries took to Lisbon to join the world’s largest tech conference and hear insights from 1,200 experts speaking about a diverse range of topics. 35.4 percent of speakers were female – compared to other tech events quite a good number that will hopefully continue to grow with future events.

Working with the speaker programming team to increase diversity on stage, Capscovil brought two female experts in the electric vehicle market as panelists on stage. On November 8, Capscovil’s founder Britta Muzyk-Tikovsky had the pleasure of speaking with these experts on stage of the auto:tech conference of Web Summit, one of 21 conferences in total.

When thinking of electric vehicles most people don’t have Croatia in mind – a country in Southeast Europe with a population of around 4 million people – just about the size of Lisbon, the host city of Web Summit. Yet, there’s role models who are driving the adoption of electric mobility and who are taking their efforts beyond their country’s borders.

Monika Mikac, COO of RIMAC AUTOMOBILI– a developer and producer of high-performance electric vehicles, drive-trains and battery systems, shared her experiences since joining the company at a stage when no investor believed in their capability and that they would produce the world’s fastest, electric super car „Concept One“.

One of the winners of the 2017 Rising Start Award, Monika gives insights into the most important stages of the company so far and what helped them survive until investors started to believe in the company. Now investors do, a fact that was recently proven by a 30 million Euro investment round with Camel Group – Asia’s largest battery manufacturer.

One of history’s most prominent figures for electric energy was born in Croatia and inspired Tina Kolovrat. The second female EV expert on stage started the Nicola Tesla EV Rally in Croatia 5 years ago.

Tina, founder of the rally and director of E.V.A. blue, explains the challenges they faced when starting with their first rally; among them a missing charging infrastructure. She also shares her view on what needs to be done to overcome range anxiety of potential EV drivers, why they are currently developing a special autonomous and solar-powered charging station, and what governments can do to help jumpstart the adoption of clean mobility.

Here’s the full fireside chat that Web Summit streamed live during the session:


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Advances in technology together with incentives for buyers  and the creation of sufficient charging infrastructure will help increase mass market adoption. Entertaining information on electric vehicles can help to do its part as well.

Videos of the sessions of all speakers at the different conferences are available on the Web Summit Facebook page.

Notable facts on Web Summit 2017:
  • Nearly half of registered attendees in Lisbon were female
  • The Women in Tech initiative helped create a female to male ratio among attendees of 42% to 58%
  • 2,600 of the world’s leading media came to tell the stories coming out of Web Summit
  • There was enough fibre cable used to run to the peak of Mount Everest eight times (80,000 km)
  • Over 205,000 recyclable paper cups used throughout the event
  • There was a total of 6,500 square meters of Marquee
  • The Centre Stage was made up of 314 water tanks, 140k lumens of projection and 30,000 watts of sound
  • Centre Stage was reinforced to hold 3 tonnes of cars
  • 2.2 million wifi sessions accumulated over the duration of the event
  • 45 terabytes of traffic over the duration of the event
  • Over 2,100 startups from across the globe attended the event
  • 1,400 of the world’s most influential tech investors from the world’s leading funds joined Web Summit 2017
AuthorBritta Muzyk-Tikovsky

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