DSS IT SEC 2018: Economics of Cybercrime – Interviews (EN)

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DSS IT SEC 2018: Economics of Cybercrime – Interviews (EN)


November, 2018 

Expert Insights on Raising Awareness for Cyber Crime and Providing Security Solutions

On October 25th, 2018, DSS IT SEC, the annual vendor independent cyber-security conference organized by by data and cyber security specialist Data Security Solutions took place for the 9th time in Riga, Latvia. Since 2010, it has continuously grown and strengthened ties between top IT security professionals, IT companies and government officials to ensure the security of the Baltic sea region, and to raise awareness on cyber security across all public and private sectors.

The event kicked off with key notes on how companies need to rethink how their operations are managed securely as information necessary to run their business can be compromised much easier than it used to be. The importance of cyber-security measures was underlined by information on how the average time required and the costs associated to discover and fix breaches has escalated.

Inspiration could be found in national and international game-based examples of complex technical cyber security exercises like NATO CCDCoE, „Locked Shields“ or „Crossed Swords“.

One possible solution to detect and defeat attackers and resolve insider threats was presented by integrating analysis of user behavior. But in order to counter the ever growing creativity of „black hats“ the use of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning may be able support cognitive AI cyber-security solutions.

In seven parallel sessions more than 60 speaker shared their insights into cyber crime and gave recommendations on implementing security solutions. The focus was set on networks also with regards to the growing use of cloud-based data as well as securing enterprise mobility and detecting security compromises on mobile devices.

Especially well received were also several hacking sessions ranging from demonstration of honeypot traps, the breaking of modern SSL encryption and hacking of the Google Chrome browser, as well as providing information on open source security testing methodology.

This quick video gives you a good impression on the importance of cyber-security solutions in today’s business environment:

Capscovil founder Britta Muzyk-Tikovsky interviewed speakers and experts who attended DSS IT SEC to hear their in-depth views:

Katrīna Zariņa – Board Member Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Jean Pereira – Ethical Hacker and Founder of SECBIZ IT Security

Klaid Mägi – VP of Threat Intelligence at Cybexer Technologies

Martti Saramies – Senior Partner Account Manager, Juniper Networks

Leif Jensen – General Manager of Kaspersky Lab Nordic & Baltic

Tudor Florescu – Sales Engineer Bitdefender

Intars Garbovskis – Security Practice Lead Accenture Latvia

Mariusz Stawowski – Technical Director Clico

Artjoms Krūmiņš – Solution Expert and Advisor @ Also

All session presentations and panel discussions are available on Data Security Solutions’ YouTube channel.

AuthorBritta Muzyk-Tikovsky