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Project Black Hungarian - Spy Novel on IT security and electric vehicles with real role models and based on real events

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Project Black Hungarian – Niall MacRoslin, Alice N. York

Spy Novel

With real people as characters and many true events. Seasoned with facts on IT-Security and electric vehicles.


The Board for Industrial Research and Development has been shaping major political decisions since 1929. You haven’t heard of them because no-one has. They’re efficient, discreet and ultra-professional. Working under the guise of a multi-faceted consultancy firm. But a new threat to their customers means all that could be about to change. After much deliberation, a decision has been made.

A new technology is to be tested in an extensive field trial, and the electric car expedition WAVE offers the perfect cover. Naturally, BIRD has no desire to see it succeed. The usual countermeasures are taken and a team is dispatched. The mission is to be low-key, no more than a routine training exercise: an opportunity for BIRD to blood the next generation of field operatives. There is, it seems, little that can go wrong.

But the new recruits are young and impulsive; quick to act when caution should be the name of the game. One bad decision leads to another, and soon the mission is spiraling out of control. What BIRD doesn’t know is that there is another elite force on the scene, a crack unit sent by security agency DISECUPRO to protect the technology and its engineer.

Suddenly, all eyes are on WAVE.

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It is the unusual combination of a fictional story and facts and true events which happened during the world’s largest electric vehicle rallye WAVE 2013, and characters whose role models are dyed-in-the-wool enthusiasts taken from real life.

The adventure lets you share the thrill of young spies who are recruited by a ruthlessly led secret organisation, and manipulated shamelessly. At the same time the story takes you on a virtual trip to fascinating locations and beautiful landscapes that were visited during the rallye.

A special delicacy, if you will, is that through the eyes of the spy characters, you can take a clandestine peek at how today’s intelligence agencies like NSA or GCHQ operate while gathering information, or which methods cyber criminals use.

Facts on electric mobility found their way into the story as well. When they wrote the book the authors did not know that the emission scandal – the Dieselgate – was already looming on the horizon. Therefore it is even more remarkable that the authors provided answers to the question why manipulation is chosen over progress.

A very special electric car acts as role model for the object of desire. Deliberately no vehicle by Tesla Motors was chosen. Nevertheless it is real and, in October 2014, its developers set a new world record for driving purely electric for more than 726km without charging while climbing some 5000 meters in elevation.

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First edition published in August 2014. Available as Perfect Paperback (ISBN 978-3-942358-43-9) and eBook. Complimentary copies for book reviewers, bloggers and experts are available. Please use the contact form for enquiries.


Expert Opinions

A modern, fresh and fast-moving thriller set in the evolving world of electric vehicle technology. Totally (and perhaps disturbingly) believable with twists and turns from beginning to end. Loved it!
Michael E. Parris JP, BSc, CEng, FIMechE, FIET – Head of Secure Car Division, SBD

Electric mobility is as complex as it gets and a closed book to many. The authors have succeeded in portraying the topic in an enjoyable and attractive way not only for enthusiasts but also for everybody new to electric vehicle technology; and in combining it with an ingenious storyline.
Neue Mobilitaet – Magazine of the German Federal association for eMobility (BEM e.V.), New Year’s edition 2015

Electric mobility has started to rock the automotive world. Recently strangers to the industry, companies like Google start to compete with the long-established players. Those are the facts. Project Black Hungarian names them all and uses them to build an intriguing spy novel.
Andreas Burkert – Chief Editor Drive and Style – Active Woman

Press Reviews

There is only one recommendation that can be given to all who are interested in electric vehicles and espionage: Read it! Very intriguing!
OEKONEWS.AT – Austria’s daily news on renewable energies and sustainability, December 2014

It’s a fact that not only techies get their money’s worth with this spy novel. In their first co-project, the authors create a fascinating adventure by shining light on the pros and cons of emobility.
Recommended reading – Ebersberger Zeitung, December 2014