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GAME-Faint Signals - Novel on diversity and women in technology, with inspiring solar ideas

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GAME – Faint Signals – Alice N. York

Delicate Novel On Diversity, Women In Tech and Solar Ideas

Alex leads a thoroughly contented life. In Sandro she has found the right man, and the new consultancy job at a leading solar company seems tailor-made for her. Being the only woman in a team of men does not bother her at all.

In no time, she familiarizes herself with the technology and establishes a complex network of external partners and prospective clients, as well as various departments within the intricate company organizational structure. Developing long-term strategies and innovational product ideas is just as inspiring for her as implementing them practically. In addition, business trips to globally operating clients offer Alex an insight into different cultures, taking her to fascinating cities along the way. Winning new projects with innovative, successful solutions quickly enables her to gain the respect of her superiors.

Before too long, however, her existence begins to resemble a rollercoaster ride. Grave events in her private life result in Alex throwing herself ever deeper into work. Yet slowly but surely menacing clouds are gathering there too, and soon events leave her no choice but to affect a volte-face.
Alex does everything in her power to retain control until the dramatic finale. But like a game of poker, she is constantly being dealt a new hand; and no-one quite knows who holds the aces.

Polarising Novel

A daringly honest depiction of life behind the scenes at an international technology company, full of memorable characters and affecting experiences, this controversial novel polarizes its readership of insiders and outsiders.

The author thrusts the reader into a ruthless professional world in which no prisoners are taken; painting reality as it is and dealing in hard facts rather than hackneyed clichés. Alongside general information on solar technology and its desired efficiency, exceptional ideas for solar-powered products such as robot-controlled green houses and gesture-operated vehicles are woven seamlessly into the plot.

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Published in May 2011. Available as Perfect Paperback (ISBN 978-3-942358-00-8) and eBook. Complimentary copies are available for experts, book reviewers and bloggers.