Web Summit 2017 Nov 6-9 Lisbon

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Event Date: Nov 6-9, 2017
Event Location: MEO Arena and FIL, Lisbon, Portugal
Event Organzier: Connected Intelligence Limited

Europe’s largest and most important technology marketplace

60,000 people meeting in Lisbon to listen to 650 speakers in 21 stand-alone conferences to explore technologies for the future

Web Summit

At Web Summit, the CEOs and founders of the world’s leading companies come together with the people leading the behemoths of tomorrow. Add in C-level executives from Fortune 500 companies and the most influential investors from Silicon Valley and beyond and you’ve got the Web Summit
network. Join over 60,000 people looking for the answers to how business and the world is changing in Lisbon this November 6-9.

Among the topics covered:

  • How many of the world’s jobs will robots take?
  • How can new technologies give startups an advantage over more established competitors?
  • Slow vs fast scaling: What are the benefits of both?
  • What new platforms and tools are delivering the greatest ROI for your industry?
  • What will the app scene look like over the next 24 months?
  • How can big data drive competitive intelligence?
  • What makes a big data project succeed?
  • Will social robots become mainstream, acting as companions for individuals and families?
  • Which new sales tools and platforms are delivering the greatest ROI?
  • Revolutionising processes and driving efficiency: How does the cloud impact different industries?
  • Threat intelligence versus risk: How much cybersecurity is enough?
  • How can businesses adopt a data-driven culture?
  • How can we use cybersecurity to generate business value?
  • Decentralisation and open source: Is this the future of enterprise software?
  • What are the most likely future trends in secure SaaS applications?
  • Can consumers exploit their own wearable data?
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Find the content most relevant for you and your business at 21 conferences and build your personal agenda to listen to world-class speakers you always wanted to hear from.


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