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Technology And Innovation On The Wild Side

The law of attraction is universal and applies to managers as well. Instead of bare facts they want to be won over with a product dressed up in a story showing the vision for its use cases. Because the naked truth is: Who is not thrilled by a good read?

That’s why we invented a new type of storytelling.

We develop short stories – both independently and for clients around their products and services, and season the stories with unusual details to create compelling use cases.

Some of those use cases even lead to new product ideas, showing what the future may be like or what questions need to be addressed.

The stories’ heroes, based on real role models, breathe innovation and exude inspiration.

But read for yourself.

After work or on the plane, at the beach or during coffee break, on the train in the morning or in-between meetings…

Discover Level-Heated Stories

“Anyone who says businessmen deal in facts, not fiction, has never read old five-year projections.” – Malcom Forbes

One of your use cases deserves its own story? You’d like to win new customers for your product or solution?

Let us inspire you with new ideas. We’re happy to get creative for you and look forward to your inquiry.

„Being a part of the short story enables us to present our new technology in a customer-friendly way and put it in front of readers.”
Tobias Bahnemann, Toposens
“The best way to get across the essence of technology and innovation? Simply use storytelling. With her creativity, Britta built a bridge between complex facts and everyday life. She turned sophisticated Smart City concepts into amiable reading.”
Ioana Szilagyi, Smart City Solutions
“Amazing! We have never thought of it as an airline perk, but it kind-off makes sense. Very creative and fun.”
Carlos Lagrange, Sunlight
“These enthralling short stories are a fantastic way to increase visibility for female founders, and women in the technology space in general. I’m very happy to contribute to the project as a role model, and to hopefully inspire many more women to pursue a career in technology.”
Dr. Annette Leonhard-MacDonald, Leonhard-MacDonald Ventures