The Chance

An inspiring trip to Toronto, spiced up with facts and real role models. A micro novel on diversity, innovation, and sustainability in technology. By Alex Ruby  Christiana woke up soaked in sweat. Normally, she was not prone to nightmares. But her subconscious noticed the tension slowly building with each [...]

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The Journey

A micro novel on diversity and sustainability in technology. Filled with facts, startups and real role models. By Alex Ruby [~30-40 min - Download below] A silent shiver rushed down Masha’s spine. The displays flashed everywhere, no matter where she looked. All of a sudden, every flight was delayed. [...]

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The Code

A micro novel on future mobility, robotics, and diversity. Featuring real technology and true role models. By Alex Ruby [~ 20-25 min] She froze “Oh my god”, she cried and in front of her Mariana spun around in surprise. Reshma turned on her heel and raced back. She had five minutes [...]

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The Strip

A micro novel on artificial intelligence, sentiment analysis, and diversity. Filled with real technology facts and true role models. By Alex Ruby [~ 15-20 min] The heart-piercing cry made him cringe. An impatient frequent flyer had barged his way into the boarding line and rammed the turnstile into the head of a [...]

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Robert wandered down the beach like every day, followed by his Threevec, a three-wheeled cargo bike, which quietly whirred five feet behind him. A few months ago, shortly before delivering the last boxes and letters to his neighborhood, he had received the upgrade, a nice a retirement gift [...]


Under Pressure

A fictional story on real technology with real role models. By Alex Ruby [~ 10-15 min] Translated by Helen Veitch Ingrid Foster squirmed and writhed. Someone was tugging on her clothes. She could only see a hazy figure; she couldn’t make out the face. It had to be a man, judging by [...]

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A fictional story on real technology with real role models. By Alex Ruby [~ 10-15 min] Translated by Helen Veitch. Julia stared helplessly at her mobile. She shook her head in anger, and her blonde ponytail bobbed about vigorously. She needed to get in touch with Stuart as soon as possible. She was reporting [...]