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Electrified - Crime Novel with information on electric vehicles

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Electrified – Stephan Schwarz

Crime Novel With Information On Electric Vehicles

Frankfurt, East Port- 7.00a.m.: A dead body is found in a car. Suicide? Murder? Chief Inspector Felix Bueschelberger, who saves toads in his spare time, sets out to unearth the truth together with his tea-drinking team in their nimble electric vehicle.

Different leads keep the detective and his technology-enthused, Italian colleague Emilio charged for an unforeseeable journey that takes them to Italy and even as far as Kenya. But their road is paved with bumps along the way and dead ends.

A reconstruction of the circumstances seems impossible.

This charming piece of fiction about crime and corruption in environmental areas is interlaced with current technology topics. Readers are not only informed of the benefits of driving an electric vehicle; they are also provided with information about fascinating initiatives like the Bertha Benz Challenge and intriguing descriptions of the latest battery technologies. Important challenges that need to be met and solved are addressed: charging methods, energy storage and providing grid stability among them.

A spicy combination of crime and corruption in the highest echelons of power, intertwined with the latest technology trends.

Published in September 2012. Available as Perfect Paperback (ISBN 978-3-942358-22-4) and eBook. Complimentary copies for book reviewers, bloggers and experts are available.