PriceCon Startup Conference Bonn

PriceCon Startup Conference Bonn, Germany, June 29
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Startup conference PriceCon (June 29, 2017) is a one-day conference focusing on monetization and pricing strategies for sustainable digital business models

PriceCon is a 1-day conference-style event exploring new ways of building sustainable digital business models by applying successful monetization strategies & pricing techniques.

DATE: June 29, 2017

VENUE: Deutsche Telekom Headquarters,Bonn, Germany

The PriceCon organziers want to explore what makes a business model both successful and sustainable. One thing is for sure, it has to be able to exchange value for money. And for that it needs the right price tag. So, how hard can it be?

The challenge of finding the right price tag for your product or service is very real. Businesses struggle with it, from the young startups to the well established businesses.

How do you adapt and stay on top of today’s fast moving, digital markets? How do you successfully shift from freemium to premium? How to make sure your brand value is represented? What if your market doesn’t really exist yet?

In a 1-day event, PriceCon is bringing together +15 international startup & business founders who will talk about the challenges they faced and what made them successful. Unlike other formats these people have accomplished what they’re teaching and speak from real-life experience.

Speakers include:

  • Chris Stoikos – Co-Founder & CEO, The Dollar Beard Club
  • Alex Brown – Co-Founder, The Dollar Beard Club
  • Ingrid Ødegaard – Co-founder & Product Development Manager,
  • Meri Sørgaard – Product Marketing Manager,
  • Lucian Cramba – CEO & Founder, Fast Order App
  • Britta Muzyk-Tikovsky – Founder & Managing Director, Capscovil
  • more to be announced soon…

This conference is set to be as engaging and actionable as possible. Participants can choose from different keynotes, workshops and other sessions to pick exactly what’s most valuable for them.

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