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Glonn, Germany, September 23, 2011

Book Cover GAME-Faint SignalsGAME-Faint Signals has been published by independent German publisher Capscovil and is anything but a run-of-the-mill book. GAME-Faint Signals is a powerful, thought-provoking and controversial story about a woman in a management position of a large technological corporation; a story inspired by real business experiences – dedicated to supporting charity.

“Alex is just a woman who loves her job; she´s ambitious and that´s why she plays the game to win and have fun,” as Alice N. York describes the main character of her book. In this fictional story Alex takes on a job in a highly diversified team of a large international corporation to develop new business. Despite her background and fast success based on pioneering ideas and dedication she soon hits the glass ceiling, throwing her life into turmoil.

The reading experience is like a cocktail with a new twist; like a raspberry mojito – ginger style. Alice N. York takes a pinch of smart innovative ideas like solar-driven and robot-handled greenhouses for organic food. Then she throws in a dash of spicy and daringly honest experiences of daily work life at a leading corporation and adds a handful of personal bitter-sweetness to feed the reader´s soul. Finally the author tops it off with strokes of fate as strong as vodka that will turn the heroine´s world upside down with every mouthful the reader takes.

Just like a cocktail this book slowly takes effect on the reader, eventually sweeping him off his feet. Turning the last page, the reader is left intoxicated and unable to remain impartial.

GAME-Faint Signals profiles a corporate world in which Alex finds developing long-term strategies and innovational product ideas just as inspiring as implementing both practically; and where business trips take her to fascinating locales around the globe offering insights into different cultures.

But it is a ruthless, unscrupulous professional world in which no prisoners are taken; a world that is dominated by demanding challenges and an unbalanced playing field in which the rules keep changing. Faint Signals indicate that something is not quite right and Alex angles her antennas. But her code book does not conform. Eventually she is left to her own devices, backed only by family and friends, and her personal supreme court: The daily glance into the mirror.

GAME-Faint Signals is available worldwide as Perfect Paperback (ISBN 978-3-942358-08-8) and eBook.

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