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Selected technology Topics served with a taste

Capscovil is an innovation agency and boutique publisher

Technology – especially in favor of sustainability – plays the lead in what we do. Innovation and diversity set the stage.

Innovative Strategies
Creative Concepts
Unique Content

We specialize in strategic business development and marketing for small giants and startups. Our joint focus is on sustainable business growth. We develop strategies and concepts on how to thrive on embracing innovation and diversity, and how to bridge the gap to the corporate world.

We create and publish, for both our clients’ and in-house projects, unique content that inspires experts and technical laymen alike. Because we love diversity in our readership as well.

What’s with the peppers? Read on and find out on the following pages.
Strategic projects with a focus on innovation diversity sustainability technology

Current Initiatives, Projects, And Concepts

Project Mashito
Initiative Diversity Natives
Rainbow Fire
Storytelling Projekt Cascabella für mehr Diversity
Projekt Bolivian Rainbow - Science Fiction Serie zu IoT und Smart City
Bolivian Rainbow
Storytelling re-invented - Feature articles accurately researched - Case studies viewed with a kind eye
„Being a part of the short story enables us to present our new technology in a customer-friendly way and put it in front of readers.”
Tobias Bahnemann, Toposens
“The best way to get across the essence of technology and innovation? Simply use storytelling. With her creativity, Britta built a bridge between complex facts and everyday life. She turned sophisticated Smart City concepts into amiable reading.”
Ioana Szilagyi, Smart City Solutions
“Amazing! We have never thought of it as an airline perk, but it kind-off makes sense. Very creative and fun.”
Carlos Lagrange, Sunlight
“These enthralling short stories are a fantastic way to increase visibility for female founders, and women in the technology space in general. I’m very happy to contribute to the project as a role model, and to hopefully inspire many more women to pursue a career in technology.”
Dr. Annette Leonhard-MacDonald, Leonhard-MacDonald Ventures
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