The Capscovil name was created by combining Capsaicin (the active component of a pepper defining its heat) and Scoville (the measuring unit for the heat level of a hot pepper)


Who we are

We are a boutique publisher who can’t be pigeonholed. Our hearts beat for innovation and we are passionate about technology, viewed from a sustainability point of view. It is our mission to serve technical topics with suspense and a difference.

Technology is what gives that extra dash to a literary cocktail or dish. It’s the main spice in our kitchen where feature articles are formed, short stories shaken and even novels cooked up. Because in today’s world technology surrounds us like the air we breathe.

We realize projects off our own bat or work for hire.

We research, analyze and select the best suited information, write texts or stories and publish internationally.

Our books are available worldwide and the eBooks available for all major readers.

Partners for our books are selected carefully. They don’t have an influence on what we write about and how we write about it. They don’t provide funding for our book projects. Those partnerships develop solely out of conviction to share the same goal.

And we are not on the take – not even with spicy food.

Commissional storytelling work is produced in Ruby’s C Suite.

There, we produce marketing content as a service and create short stories following our recepies but seasoned with ingredients supplied by clients. The content is cooked up using new tools for technology marketing. Use cases are distilled down and served.

This way, a new product or service has been created several times already.

Just like a good curry, the portions of facts, creativity and graphics are chosen according to the taste of our clients.

This type of storytelling is especially suited for innovative companies who want to strengthen their bond with business partners and employees; or who want to win new customers.

We offer special conditions for startups and founders. Chicken-and-egg budget question? Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt.

Just drop us a line and we’ll work on how we can support you.

How it all began

Capscovil was founded in December 2009 by Britta Muzyk and is located in Glonn near Munich, Germany. Shortly afterwards, Gerhard Tikovsky got on board as investor. Since then, he’s stood steadfastly by her side lending his consultative support.

The industrial and production engineer, a readaholic herself, graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe, and worked for more than 15 years at well-renowned companies such as W.L. Gore, Teradyne and Intel; becoming acquainted with many different kinds of technology.

The idea to combine facts with fictional stories evolved after roaming many floors of trade shows and industry conferences. Many people read text books or professional journals but even more people read novels. Even in the business world, this can be observed especially on long distance travels or flights after work hours.

Therefore, our origin is rooted in novels seasoned with topics that we researched independently and selected together with our authors in order to match their stories.

Feature articles followed as a spin-off at first and are now a vital part our business.

The first book of project “Black Hungarian” served as breeding ground for a new type of storytelling – short stories with a difference – which grew into the marketing as a service for clients.

Since our foundation, we are owner managed and work with a team of freelancers on a long-term basis. Because there is nothing more rewarding then to plant the seeds, watch the crops grow, harvest the fruits and enjoy the meal together.

The company name springs from our love for word games and hot food: Google did not know the combination of capsaicin – the active component of the chili pepper defining its heat – and scoville scale – the unit measuring the spicy heat of a pepper (of course, an engineer always needs a measurable set) back in December 2009.

We thought this was a good sign.

Therefore, our projects are named after hot pepper types. The respective heat level reflects the type of project and is chosen according to the technology and its share in the story.

The Team

Pure Diversity – Everybody In Their Element

Founders and Investors

Britta Muzyk-Tikovsky
Britta Muzyk-TikovskyFounder & Managing Director
Gerhard Tikovsky
Gerhard TikovskyInvestor & Consultant


Matthew Hart
Matthew HartAuthor
Niall MacRoslin
Niall MacRoslinAuthor
Alice N. York
Alice N. YorkAuthor

Freelance partner

Helen Veitch
Helen VeitchTranslator and editor
Niall Sellar
Niall SellarTranslator
Ben Kolp
Ben KolpPartner Manager
Matthias Schwert
Matthias SchwertGraphic Recorder
Beth Flemington
Beth FlemingtonPre-production: The Last Iteration Serie
Tom Jester
Tom JesterCover Art: The Last Iteration Serie

Creative Team

Benedikt Seifert
Benedikt SeifertIT Joker
Louisa Kronthaler
Louisa KronthalerBook adorner
DJ Mr. Clou
DJ Mr. ClouProducer & DJ


The members of our team don’t necessarily like to eat hot. Reading or writing, however, is definitely among their favorite things to do.

We are currently looking for team members who want to grow together with us and support in the following areas:

Business Development
Business Development
Editorial team & communication
Editorial team & communication
Book editor (German)
Book editor (German)